Sounds Like Enjoy

At the last CSS Layout Club meeting, Jen Simmons suggested I look at using the “cicada principle” with CSS elements to create “random” designs. As an evolutionary strategy, certain cicadas emerge in prime-numbered intervals like thirteen or seventeen years. Since prime numbers may not be evenly divided into smaller integers, cicada life cycles become naturally asynchronous with those of predators that have a two-to-ten-year population cycle, leaving them immune. We can use this idea of prime-numbered intervals to generate seemingly random, non-repeating image patterns.

I probably drink three cans of LaCroix a day and I wanted to create something that reflects my love for this beverage. I made several PNG images with transparent areas and adjusted their dimensions to prime numbers, e.g. squares of 337px or 409px, etc. In the CSS I added multiple files to the background-image property, and the list order determined the layer order of the images starting with the top one at the forefront.

body {

I played around with the dimensions to get the effect I wanted. I can imagine adjusting the opacity of the images to mix new colors where the tiles overlap. And even though the full pattern looks complex, the file sizes are fairly small. After compressing the images with TinyPNG, they ranged from 5kb to 20kb each. LaCroix, please send me soda!

May 15 2017