Sando Doodles

I have been noodling around with some graphics and design ideas for Sando Club app. I used the GreenSock Animation Platform to animate DOM elements with JavaScript. Previously, I worked with the GSAP Draggable plugin to create and on this project I’m using their TweenMax package. Most of my animations are built by transforming CSS values by position, rotation, or scale. GSAP facilitates these manipulations and gives several easing options that make the transitions smooth and interesting. There are also methods to yoyo or repeat the animations. They have a handy visualizer that you can use to see the effects of changes in values and durations. I like to play around with the variables until the timing looks just right and snappy. This is a good reason to watch cartoons for movement and transition ideas. As a starting point, I recommend the Bugs Bunny classic Hot Cross Bunny and anything in the oeuvre of Pepé le Pew.

Jun 15 2017