A Variety of Hats to Put on Your Cat

Last week I worked with the GreenSock Animation Platform to make a little animation with a car in it. To research movement, I watched a lot of Pepé le Pew videos on YouTube followed by a viewing of Space Jam. Among other things I used GSAP to handle CSS property transformations, SVG objects, and easing in and out of transitions with different Bézier curves. After that I discovered the GSAP Draggable plugin that makes any DOM element draggable and spinnable. So of course I used it to make a game to put different headgear on my cat, Rufus. I made the layout with CSS grid and I didn’t write any feature queries so the site is best seen on the latest version of any browser. Here are the link and repo. I think it’s one of my best artworks to date and am very pleased.

dunce caps for rufus Dunce Caps for Rufus

Apr 16 2017